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Training Programs

Initial and recurring training is paramount to maintaining and supporting critical security operations. Fitzgerald Technology Group designs Train-The-Trainer programs that review every aspect of existing post orders and compliments them with real world situations and simulations to assess operational impacts. Whether you are assigned to behavioral analysis, article screenings, security checkpoints, perimeter protection, or command center operations, you become an integral part of a team with a minimal margin for error. Only through advanced training programs, testing and realistic simulation can mission success be accurately evaluated.

Our training programs range from initial classroom curriculum development through advanced software testing that not only determines correct responses but evaluates response times. Our staff members are senior instructors at acclaimed universities, federal agencies and internationally recognized security authorities.

We develop comprehensive curriculums to provide advanced training in real life scenarios that effectively analize responder timing, effectiveness and accuracy under the most demanding situations.

– Our training mitigates damage and saves lives-



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