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Architectural / Engineering Support

The last three decades have brought about many variations in the ways in which Fitzgerald Technology Group (FTG) supports architectural & engineering disciplines to increase safety and security for all of those who utilize and visit the facilities and complexes being designed.

The recognition and reduction of risk is critical for discerning providers of live, work and play spaces in our rapidly evolving and complex world.Beginning at the design stage, FTG is continually task with maintaining the highest possible quality of life by balancing free and open creative spaces with the required degree of protection and level of care required to reduce premise liability and maximize safety.

As we encourage open and aesthetically pleasing designs in lieu of fortress or bunker methodologies, we provide the expert subject matter expertise to architects and engineers and serve as an integral part of their teams.
We work collaboratively to seamlessly integrate the appropriate countermeasures into their concepts without distracting from the special environments they are creating.

Many safety and security issues that are present in our society can be solved through environmental engineering to minimize the impact of even the most prepared adversaries.

FTG clearly understands this and believes that the greatest cost savings to any project can be achieved in the schematic design phase, “before pennies become dollars.

”Fitzgerald Technology Group has developed hundreds of sites with some of the most demanding requirements and has successfully minimized risk while maximizing safety and security from programming and schematic design through final testing, demonstration and acceptance.  We look forward to serving as an integral part of your team.



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